Country Index: Syria

This index will cover both ancient and modern Syria, including the history of the Seleucid Empire, which eventually became identified with Syria.


Wars and Treaties

Apamea, peace of, 188 B.C.
Babylon, settlement at, 323 BC
Brothers, War of the, c.241-236 BC
Diadoch War, First, 322-320 BC
Diadoch War, Second, 319-316 BC
Laodicean War (Third Syrian War), 246-241 BC
Rome and Antiochus III, war between, 192-188 B.C.
Saladin's Holy War of 1187-1192
Syria, Saladin's Conquest, 1174-1185
Syrian War, First, 276-272 BC
Syrian War, Second, 260-255 BC
Syrian War, Third, 246-241 BC
Syrian War, Fourth, 221-217 BC
Triparadisus, settlement at, 320 BC


Aleppo, siege, 30 December 1174-March 1175
Ancyra, battle of, 240 or 239 B.C.
Apollonia, battle near, 220 BC
Azaz, siege of, 15 May-21 June 1176
Corycus, battle of, 191 B.C.
Eurymedon, battle of, 190 B.C.
Gabiene, battle of, 316 BC
Hamah, battle of the Horns of, 13 April 1175
Magnesia, battle of, 190 B.C.
Myonnesus, battle of, 190 B.C.
Plane Tree Pass, battle of the, 218 BC
Raphia, battle of, 22 June 217 BC
Tall al-Sultan, battle of, 22 April 1176
Thermopylae, battle of, 191 B.C.


Saladin, 1137/8-1193
Seleucid Dynasty - list

Weapons, Armies & Units



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